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Current Campaigns
  • This web page provides information on our fight against fast-track legislation. The measure requires Congress to take only a quick up-or-down vote on secret trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and does not allow such agreements to be amended. It limits Congress’ constitutionally mandated oversight of such trade deals and lets others decide what’s best for America. The result is fewer good-paying U.S. jobs and unsafe food and products for Americans. Read more to find out why fast track is the wrong track for Teamsters and America.

  • Teamsters are standing together to protect good jobs as Sysco, the country’s largest foodservice provider, attempts to purchase its only national competitor, US Foods. Join our campaign to demand that Sysco and US Foods honor their agreements with 11,500 Teamsters and protect the livelihoods of the men and women who make these companies leaders in the industry. LIKE our Facebook page, here.

  • Taylor Farms workers in Tracy, California are standing up against poverty wages, disrespect and severe violations of their most basic rights. These 900 food processing workers in the Central Valley cut, wash and package salads and other products for the largest supplier of fresh-cut produce in the country. They feed the customers of major grocers, retailers and restaurant chains, including Walmart and McDonald’s.

    With a revenue of $1.8 billion in 2012, Taylor Farms can afford to treat its workers in Tracy with dignity and pay fair wages, just like their Teamster coworkers have at Taylor Farms’ facilities in Salinas, California. But when workers came together to organize with Teamsters Local 601, the company responded mercilessly. It fired, harassed, and punished workers for supporting the union. The company threatened immigrant workers with deportation, hiring an army of union-busters to run a non-stop fear campaign. During an NLRB election for union representation, Taylor Farms deployed a goon squad of supervisors to intimidate workers. The company’s violations were so egregious that the Labor Board impounded ballots while it investigates hundreds of Unfair Labor Practice charges.

    Workers in Tracy, following in the footsteps of labor leader and civil rights icon Cesar Chavez, are taking their fight to the public. The workers’ struggle for a better life for their families is supported by Teamsters in California and nationwide. We are building a movement for respect for the workers who feed America.

    ¡Si Se Puede!

  • Taxi drivers in Washington, D.C. are fed up!

    After years of unfair regulations and lack of respect, we are fighting back by forming the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association. Our association will be backed by Teamsters Local 922 and the 1.4 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

  • The Teamsters have stood in solidarity with worker struggles in other countries since our founding. With economic globalization, our ability to organize increasingly depends on our ability to build alliances with workers on a global scale.
    More than ever, Teamsters are organizing and bargaining with multi-national companies. A key objective of our Global Strategies Campaign is to build strong alliances with unions around the globe who organize and bargain with common employers. Our focus is on workers in the emerging global supply chains – the infrastructure of globalization.
    Globalization creates new opportunities for international worker solidarity. We seek common cause with workers around the world to build social justice for all workers and the communities in which they live.

  • Teamsters at Republic Services/Allied Waste have stood together in recent years to fight for strong contracts, including going on strike and supporting their fellow striking workers. Workers continue to fight for strong contracts that include retirement security at the second largest solid waste company. This campaign page is dedicated to those ongoing efforts.

  • Welcome to Teamster Organizing!

    You've heard it said that the best defense is a good offense. In the war on workers, Teamster Organizing is on the offensive! We're winning power for workers across industries and across North America. Join us!

  • Join the movement to stop the war on workers. Corporate CEOs and billionaires are attacking you, your family and your job. The battlefield is in statehouses throughout the country.  Our jobs, our health, our kids, our retirement and our standard of living are all at risk. Check this page frequently for updates. 

  • This webpage provides updates to AWI/White Rose Teamsters about the company’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 9, 2014. The Warehouse Division of the Teamsters Union has been appointed to the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee in the bankruptcy filing and the union has assembled a team to monitor the bankruptcy. The Teamsters will play an active role in the bankruptcy process in an effort to best protect the jobs, wages and benefits of our members.

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Teamsters Local 100
Updated On: Nov 11, 2014
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513-769-4420 (FAX)

Prior to the January 7, 2014 Monthly Membership Meeting

the Local 100 Officers and Agents pledged their

Oath of Office. 

Special Thanks to Joint Council 26 President, Randy Verst.

President Verst conducted the Oath of Office for

the newly elected Officers and Agents.  

Officers and Agent re-elected also repeated their Oath of Office.


The Teamsters provide WellCare Cards to every Teamster in the nation. 

The WellCare Card provides discounted medical care and discounted prescriptions for our Teamsters.  

The People that provide the WellCare Cards also provide the following newsletter adressing medical topics.  

The Importance of Medication Compliance

Poor medication compliance, which refers to how well patients follow medical advice about their medications, is a growing concern in the United States, as it causes nearly 125,000 deaths each year and adds an additional $290 billion in health care costs. Studies show a strong association between medication compliance and improved treatment results; however, according to the National Consumers League, nearly three out of four Americans reported they do not always take their medication as directed.

Health care providers have the knowledge to treat diseases and illnesses, so to maximize the benefits of your medications, it is important to take them on the prescribed schedule and as instructed by your doctor. If you have trouble with taking your medications as prescribed, here are some tips to help you develop good medication habits:

  • Fill your prescriptons at the same pharmacy so your medication history is accurately recorded and monitored.
  • Remind yourself to take your medication with alarms, notes or a checklist. You can also use a planner to remind you about medications that need to be taken at specific times.
  • Practice spring cleaning of you medicine cabinet, and properly dispose of medicines that you no longer need or have expired.
  • If you medications are too expensive, collaborate with your health care provider to work towards other options that can treat your illness in more cost effective manner. You can also use your prenegotiated savings from WellCardRx at the pharmacy to save money on your prescriptions, whether or not you have health insurance.
  • Be an educated patient and learn how your medication treats your condition and its role in producing optimal outcomes.

Take control of your health and wellness and make sure you take your medications as directed by your doctor. By doing so, you not only increase the effectiveness of your therapy, but you also reduce costs and medical errors, resulting in easier disease maintenance and management of your wellness.

February is American Heart Month

Just because February is already in full swing doesn't mean you can't start taking better care of your heart. With heart disease claiming about 600,000 lives each year, it is the leading cause of death for both men and women, costs over $312.6 billion each year, but is completely preventable and controllable.

To help prevent heart disease, implement a few of these healthy changes into your life:

  • Eat a healthy diet, with at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetable each day, which can help maintain cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • Maintain a healthy weight, as being overweight or obese can increase your risk for heart disease.
  • Exercise regularly to help with weight maintenance. Aiming for 30 minutes on most days will lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Quit smoking and limit alcohol use, as both are related to high blood pressure levels.
  • Practice medication compliance, especially if you are taking prescription medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

To find out more on how you can prevent heart disease at any age, visit the American Heart Association at

Join the Connect Community

WellCardRx now offers an online community, Connect , for our members. With Connect, you will be able to provide your opinion on new products and services, submit feedback about the program and see how other WellCardRx members are saving.

WellCardRx empowers members with access to reduced costs on prescription drugs and more

Empowering your health life.

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